The Pajama Revolution

Do you want to know my favorite thing about the New Evangelization? The pajamas.

Yes, the pajamas!

Back in the day, having a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ usually involved being fully dressed for an actual, personal, face-to-face meeting with the Son of God. Thanks to the New Evangelization, we moderns can encounter the Lord digitally on our mobile devices, any time, any place. I often save a queue of inspirational memes and videos to consider at home, in the evening, while I'm chilling in my PJs.

When I was home full time with my little ones, I loved that my work dress code included pajamas, sweats, flannel shirts, etc. Many other moms I know held themselves to a higher standard. They smelled good.

Well, whatever your Mom Dress Code involves, gird your loins for an exciting new moment in the New Evangelization! Registration has just opened for a completely free, completely online Catholic conference for moms. 

Does this brief video entice you?

As the video shows, the online conference runs from March 6-9. People who register will receive access codes to listen to whatever presentations they wish. There are lots of inspiring speakers on a range of topics--including "Praying with Children" from the Apostleship of Prayer! So you know I'm excited.

Visit the slick Catholic Conference 4 Moms website to register!

After March 6-9, the conference will go on sale to anyone--moms' groups, parishes, individuals--wanting to catch presentations they missed or play various episodes again and reflect on the discussion questions proposed by each speaker.

From now until the conference begins, registration is completely free! So take three seconds to visit Catholic Conference 4 Moms and register.

Women trying to raise their children in faith need community. Sometimes we're lucky enough to have family or parish communities that support us. Other times, a free conference like this comes along and connects us with other women all over the country. Join us!