Announcing the "Praying with Children" Video Series!

The Apostleship of Prayer is happy to share our new video series: "Praying with Children."
Check in here each week for a new prayer tip!

Watch the video here
I've had conversations with countless parents and educators over the past few months. These gracious people have helped me enormously as I finalize the manuscript for my upcoming book, cleverly named Praying with Children. And while we look forward to the fall 2015 release of the book from Ave Maria Press, many parents and educators requested that the Apostleship of Prayer also make brief videos of the most practical, succinct prayer tips from the book. Ta Da!

So far we have completed six three-minute videos about six different kinds of prayer, and we'll release one each week on our dedicated page. Please share them with parents, teachers, catechists, pastors, grandparents, godparents, cloistered nuns--all the folks you can think of who are interested in helping children build habits of daily prayer! And feel free to comment on the videos here on this blog, or contact me with your suggestions, corrections, questions, or prayer stories.

John Henry Cardinal Newman, the wonderful 19th British theologian (and poet!), once described prayer as the place "where heart speaks to heart." Our goal at the Apostleship of Prayer is to draw the hearts of children into prayer, into a relationship with the Heart of Jesus. I recently had a conversation with an older gentleman, "Hank," who told me about his first grade teacher, a religious sister. This sister must have known the desperate difficulties Hank was facing in his broken home. One day she looked him right in the eyes and said with authority and compassion, "God is always with you." Hank never forgot those words. He often thought of them, especially in his adolescent years when he had plenty of opportunity to choose a destructive path. The words he heard in first grade saved him at those critical moments in his life, because they reminded him of his indestructible connection with his loving God. "God is always with you" defined him as a treasured child of God and gave him the courage to choose good.

Prayer is relationship with God. When we encourage children to cultivate their own personal relationship with God, we help them live more confidently as friends of our loving Lord who reached out his arms and said, “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these" (Matthew 19:14).