Pope Francis' Suggestion Box Is Open!

Pope Francis needs our prayers! Now is the time of year the official service of the Pope's intentions in Rome asks people all around the world to send their prayer suggestions to Pope Francis via the Apostleship of Prayer.
As you may know, the Pope has two particular prayer intentions each month: a Universal intention concerning all people of good will, and an Evangelization intention relating to challenges the Church faces as she works to bring the Good News of Jesus to all people. Since the 19th century, popes have entrusted their monthly intentions to the Apostleship of Prayer around the world. The Apostleship of Prayer encourages Christians to pray a Daily Offering each morning and to mention the Pope's intentions at that time.

But how does the Pope come up with his two monthly prayer intentions? The suggestions of regular people all over the world are one source of inspiration for him, and the Pope's suggestion box is wide open during the entire month of June. Here's how Fr. Frédéric Fornos, SJ--the incoming director general of the international Apostleship of Prayer--expressed the official call for prayer suggestions:
So please help me [suggest] intentions or topics you consider important and concern the Pope. In this way, we help him formulate his final list. Msgr. Becciu, from the State Secretariat of the Vatican, has confirmed that the Pope considers them with special attention. Feel free to send in both types of intentions [Universal and Evangelization], as many as you want.

Please send me your answer before July 1st, so we can be on time to present them to the Holy Father.
There you have it! The Apostleship of Prayer would like to present your prayer suggestions to Pope Francis. Now is the time to comment at the bottom of this post or email me with your prayer suggestions. We'll do the rest!

In 1994, the 150th anniversary of the Apostleship of Prayer, Pope John Paul II (who was himself a member of the AoP) praised the work of the Apostleship of Prayer: "As the dawn of the third millennium approaches a world in which many sectors have become quite pagan, it is obvious how urgent it is for members of the Apostleship of Prayer to be involved in the service of the new evangelization. For Christ has come to preach the Good News to the poor, and the Apostleship of Prayer has always considered itself a form of popular piety for the masses. As such it has performed an important service during the past hundred and fifty years by giving new life to people's awareness of how valuable their lives are to God for the building up of His Kingdom."

Amen. God values our lives. He calls us to build up his kingdom. He calls us to prayer. And Pope Francis is calling us too: please comment below or email me to offer your prayer suggestions for his monthly intentions. Let's pray with the Pope! He's praying with us.

My daughter and I sporting our "Pray with the Pope!" pins