Pray with Me, during Holy Week and Easter

Last week I wrote a double-length post--How to Explain Mercy (and Good Friday) to Children-- which was supposed to get us all through Holy Week together. I didn't plan on posting again this week, honestly! But then. . . .

Jen from Seattle sent me a message.

She's been trying to read my book, Pray with Me: Seven Simple Ways to Pray with Your Children (Ave Maria Press), but life always seems to get in the way. So Jen has devised a cunning plan to incorporate prayer into Holy Week and Easter, using the book as a guide. I'd like to share Jen's letter today because her plan might work well for you and the children in your life too. Thank you, Jen!

Dear Grace,

I've loved reading your book so far, but I found myself overwhelmed by all that I wanted to accomplish---because I want it all! Thankfully, the Church gives us these wonderful liturgical seasons, and wouldn't you know it, your book fits my Easter this year. My never-ending self-motto is "One is better than none." I figure if I can achieve one instance of each of your examples, I'll provide my children with 7 more experiences than they would have otherwise had.

Here is my plan: I'll read the chapter myself throughout the week, and by Saturday night, I'll try to pray in this way just one time with my kids.

  • Holy Week, Chapter One: Praying Spontaneously
  • Easter Week 1, Chapter Two: Praying from Memory
  • Easter Week 2, Chapter Three: Praying with Scripture
  • Easter Week 3, Chapter Four: Praying with Song
  • Easter Week 4, Chapter Five: Praying with Silence
  • Easter Week 5, Chapter Six: Praying with Reflection
  • Easter Week 6, Chapter Seven: Praying with the Apostleship of Prayer

Simple enough, right? But having this simple plan allows me to pray through the book slowly while having a manageable goal. I want these things for my children so much. This seems like the perfect way to celebrate Easter with them!

Thank you for your wisdom and words.