WMOF Trivia for the Dinner Table!

A variety of wholesome vegetables are steaming in their matching crockery.
Tall glasses of cool, filtered water reflect the light streaming in from the bay window.
The smiling children are not only washed, but dressed in clean, properly sized clothing.
The angels are singing.
Just another typical mealtime at your house.
Because you are a stock photo.

©Monkey Business Images Ltd/Getty Images

©Monkey Business Images Ltd/Getty Images



No one started the dishwasher, so the tableware is an adventurous collection of paper plates
and "probably clean" dishes.

The three-year old is screaming because
her Dino-Nugget head is burnt.

Ketchup is the vegetable. Again.
Oh, and does anyone know where the baby is? 

Whichever scenario looks more like your family, have I got a dinner game for you! 

World Meeting of Families:

The Trivia Game

Get cozy with the family and test your knowledge of this papal phenomenon.
Winner gets to do the dishes!

When and where was the first World Meeting of Families?

1994, in Rome

How many World Meetings have taken place?


What's the only city to have hosted the WMOF twice?


Where have they been located?

  • Rome (1994)
  • Rio de Janeiro (1997)
  • Rome again! (2000)
  • Manila (2003)
  • Valencia (2006)
  • Mexico City (2009)
  • Milan (2012)
  • Philadelphia (2015)

Who runs the thing?

The Pontifical Council for the Family

What's that?

Founded by Pope St. John Paul II in 1981, "this Council promotes the pastoral care of families and fosters their rights and dignity in the Church as well as civil society in order that they may fulfill their vocation for the well-being of one another and the world around them." (Read more at Catholic Philly.com)

How many people participated in the 2012 WMOF Mass with Pope Benedict?

A million!!

How can I feel connected, though I am unable to attend?

We're all social here, right? Jump onto Facebook and Twitter to hear all the latest and find local news sources.

More importantly, please pray. Pray for Pope Francis. And then go even bigger: pray for the whole world. "Let God surprise us," as Pope Francis says. We can never overestimate what God can do with our prayers. The prayers of your family make a difference for the meeting and for the world.

If you have specific intentions you would like to entrust to me as I travel to Philadelphia, please comment below or email them to me at gurbanski@apostleshipofprayer.org

Thank you for praying with us!