Join the Pope's Official Prayer Group

The Pope has a prayer group, and it's called the Apostleship of Prayer.

The international Apostleship of Prayer website has a map of the prayer group's offices around the world:

Praying with the Pope around the world!

Praying with the Pope around the world!

These offices serve the Church by uniting people in prayer for the Pope's personal intentions. I love clicking on the links to Apostleship of Prayer sites from various countries. Just a few minutes on these sites helps me work on my foreign language skills and provides a glimpse into the vibrant prayer lives of our brothers and sisters around the globe.

When Pope Francis visited the US last month, he asked at every stop for people to pray for him. The worldwide Apostleship of Prayer gives us a concrete way to do exactly that.

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Each month, the Pope entrusts two specific prayer intentions to the Apostleship of Prayer: a "Universal" intention that all people of good will can embrace, and an "Evangelization" intention that highlights Christian ministry somewhere in the world.

Apostles of Prayer commit to praying for these intentions. In hundreds of countries and various languages, Apostles of Prayer wake up each morning and pray some version of a Daily Offering to God. At the end of their prayer, they mention the Pope's intentions.

Where do they find the intentions? So many places!

Apostleship of Prayer membership cards for adults and for children

Apostleship of Prayer membership cards for adults and for children

Pope Francis asks us to pray for him. Will you join his prayer group? It's free to sign up here! When you join, you will receive an enrollment kit loaded with AoP goodness--including an actual membership card.

St. Thérèse of Lisieux joined the Apostleship of Prayer in October of 1885. Here's her actual membership card, filled out in her own handwriting:

In an airport yesterday, I noticed a public service announcement. It was a huge poster asking passers-by if they could both recognize and help end human trafficking. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at the poster, because Pope Francis' Universal prayer intention for this month (October 2015) is for an end to human trafficking. It's uncanny how often Pope Francis' prayer intentions coincide with world events and fresh concerns on our hearts; even the airport is grieving over human trafficking. But let's not allow airport PSAs to out-pray us! Join the AoP today!

Children can pray with the Pope too! Our children's page provides age-appropriate reflections and activities so young Christians can develop the habit of praying for the world. Yes, children can pray for something as evil and complicated as human trafficking. Here's how we share the Pope's prayer with children this month:

A few days ago, we received the following email from "A Thankful Grandmother":

Thank you, thank you and thank you again for putting the children’s ministry online. I downloaded this month’s suggested ideas and took them with me as I went to care for my grandchildren. My grandson, who is 6 years old, listened to the pope’s plea for us to pray for those involved in Human Trafficking.

At first I was wondering how a 6 year old could comprehend the meaning of the topic. He said, “Grandma, what is Human Trafficking?”. I told him that someone comes to take you away from your parents so that you can never see them again, and they put you to work somewhere else. He said, “I don’t want to do that.”

Then, by your well written article, I was able to tell him that God wants all of us to be free, and we prayed for that to happen.

As I was giving his one year old brother a bath, I gave the 6 year old the dove to color. When I returned, I was amazed at the beauty of his picture. With all the different designs in the dove, I felt like it reflected different areas of the world.

I am anxious to share the other stories with my grandson when I return to his home tomorrow. God bless you for your work in spreading His love to His children.

A Thankful Grandmother

Whether you're a six-year-old child, a grandmother, or anyone in between, please join us in the Apostleship of Prayer. "Let God surprise us," as Pope Francis likes to say. Let's see what God has in store for the members of this worldwide prayer group.