Exciting new features on our website!

We are pleased to announce two new features on our website that you are free to check out today!

Prayer Life of our Members

The page “Prayer Life of our Members” features different members of the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network and how they best pray, or came to the prayer life they have. It also features some of their favorite prayers on it. 

If you are a member of the Pope's Worldwide Prayer network, and you would like to feature your prayer life with us, please email your picture and a paragraph about your prayer life to prayerlife@apostleshipofprayer.org.

Letters from our Members in Prison

We frequently receive letters from prisoners who are grateful for our monthly leaflets and accompanying letters.  They are happy to know that they can unite themselves to the prayers of millions of Catholics around the world for the salvation of humanity, the Pope’s monthly intentions, and one another.  It gives them a sense of purpose and meaning at a time in their lives when they feel abandoned and insignificant. 

On our page "Letters from our Members in Prison" are excerpts from three of those letters.

Please be sure to check out these new pages!