Pope Francis opens shelters and cars for homeless during the cold

Besides praying for the homeless suffering in the cold, Pope Francis has also led the way in finding practical ways to help the homeless warm themselves during these cold months:

According to Rome Reports:

"The cold wave that is sweeping through Europe makes for amusing photos like this frozen fountain in St. Peter's Square in Rome.

At night temperatures, have been dropping well below freezing and have already claimed the lives of eight people in Italy. The homeless are the most vulnerable and that is why the pope has decided that the shelters that welcome them near the square remain open 24 hours a day. The Vatican has also distributed gloves and sleeping bags that withstand extreme temperatures to homeless in the area."

Additionally, according to Crux, "The charity office also announced that it would be positioning cars it owns around the area surrounding the Vatican, so that homeless persons who don’t wish to move from their usual locations can sleep in them during the nights in order to fight off the cold."

Pope Francis invites us this month to not only pray for the homeless, but to be active in finding ways to help those most in need.