Praying In Your Parish - June 2017

St. Giles - Oak Park, IL

FINALLY! It took half a year, but we finally got our monthly feature "Praying in Your Parish" started! A lot of things have been going on at the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network in the USA which has delayed the progress in getting this going... but everything that has been happening is moving us forward as the Pope's network of prayer.

Our first feature video is showcasing a Parish in Oak Park, IL. I made a trip there late February to film them as a feature for this video blog. Marrey, their Parish Life director, invited us over after our Stewardship Director Tom showcased our idea. We went to film an Ignatian based retreat for their confirmation students. It was a great experience, seeing how meditative it all was. It was also great being able to see their absolutely gorgeous church. You will be able to see a bit of it in the video.

I invite you to watch the first video by clicking below. If you know of a Parish within a couple hour radius of Milwaukee, where our home office is located, I would love to showcase them, as well! Tom Galvin, our Stewardship Director, can make the first connection. You may email him at