Praying In Your Parish - July 2017 - Part Two

The second half of this month's featured parish "on location" is featuring the God Squad team from the event. Peggy Lanser, who is the director of the God Squad, talks about how she incorporates prayer life into their training, and some of the members discuss how they integrate prayer life into their own lives. It is really great to see young adults have such a passion for the faith!!

Take a look at part two of this month's "Praying In Your Parish" below!

Praying In Your Parish - July 2017 - Part 1

It is crazy how time has flown by! We are already to July, which means that summer is almost halfway over, but it also means that we have yet another group we are featuring for "Praying In Your Parish". However, July isn't featuring a parish, per say. We are featuring an event that involves many parishes, with children and young adults that receive a new look a the faith, and hopefully a conversion of heart! I had the blessing to be among them this past spring, not only to film the event but to help chaperone at it the following day as a catechist. The best part was seeing the conversions that were taking place. Teens and children who may not have wanted to go, all of a sudden overcome by the power of the Lord as he passed by in the monstrance was an especially telling part.

I am splitting up this specific month into two parts. The first part is focusing on the event itself, and what types of prayer and sacraments that were offered to the children at the event. The second part will be posted in a couple weeks, and feature the "God Squad" for this year, which has some very powerful messages from teens themselves on their own conversion experiences. I hope that you enjoy this month's "Praying In Your Parish" - On Location at the Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally 2017!


Praying In Your Parish - June 2017

St. Giles - Oak Park, IL

FINALLY! It took half a year, but we finally got our monthly feature "Praying in Your Parish" started! A lot of things have been going on at the Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network in the USA which has delayed the progress in getting this going... but everything that has been happening is moving us forward as the Pope's network of prayer.

Our first feature video is showcasing a Parish in Oak Park, IL. I made a trip there late February to film them as a feature for this video blog. Marrey, their Parish Life director, invited us over after our Stewardship Director Tom showcased our idea. We went to film an Ignatian based retreat for their confirmation students. It was a great experience, seeing how meditative it all was. It was also great being able to see their absolutely gorgeous church. You will be able to see a bit of it in the video.

I invite you to watch the first video by clicking below. If you know of a Parish within a couple hour radius of Milwaukee, where our home office is located, I would love to showcase them, as well! Tom Galvin, our Stewardship Director, can make the first connection. You may email him at





Hello, and welcome to the new Video Blog that will be showcasing Parish prayer life in both the church and the schools, as well as in each and every individual. Prayer, as we know, is so very important to our everyday life. God is always listening to our joys, our sorrows, our job loss or job gain, death, life, you name it. We pray and thank Him all the time.

Just as each of us pray differently individually, each Parish and school have their own unique prayer life. The picture on the top of this blog showcases the adoration chapel we have that us at the Apostleship of Prayer can pray before here at the convent building everyday between Noon-4pm. It is a true blessing and privilege to have this available to pray for all of you before Him. My own Parish has a Perpetual Adoration chapel available for us 24 hours a day, only closed during Holy Week, which is a true blessing and a huge part of our Parish prayer life. You will see our chapel in the first actual feature video blog, including some interviews of the people who are involved. Stay tuned in the next month or two for that video blog.

I decided to start this video blog because I feel it necessary to show all sorts of ways you can pray, and even what you could incorporate into your own Parish that you belong to! Video is such a powerful tool in that you can hear and see exactly what we are talking about, so that part of this blog is such an important piece.

So, in closing, I would like to welcome suggestions from you on Parishes you would like us to potentially feature and make videos for. Keep in mind that we are located in Milwaukee, WI, so large distances without assistance in some way or another may make it hard for us to feature places further than a few hours away. But if there is a will, there is a way! I welcome all suggestions be sent by clicking here! Thank you and God Bless!

-Jacob Brandt
Director of Operations and video master