Pope Francis’ Urgent Prayer Intention for April, 2017

Victims of the landslide in Colombia and peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Venezuela, and Paraguay.

Torrential rains hit the city of Mocoa in Colombia and precipitated a huge mudslide that killed over 250 people.  Pope Francis asks us to join him in praying for those who were killed, the missing, the injured, the rescuers, and those who are grieving the loss of loved ones.  

He also asks us to pray for the Kasai region of the DRC where armed conflicts have killed and displaced many people.  Saying that “hatred and violence are always destructive,” the Holy Father is praying for the conversion of “the hearts of those who are behind” the conflict.

Finally, because of recent turmoil in Venezuela and Paraguay, the Pope is praying for these fellow Latin Americans whom he said are “very dear” to him.  Moreover, he wants to “invite all to tirelessly persevere in their search for political solutions, avoiding every kind of violence”.