Blessed Zdenka Schelingová

One of the news services to which I subscribe in order to keep up on Church news is Zenit. On Saturday they ran Archbishop Charles Chaput's recent speech in Slovakia, entitled "Living Within the Truth: Religious Liberty and Catholic Mission in the New Order of the World." It's an excellent speech and one reference toward the of it particularly caught my attention. It was a quote from Sister Blessed Zdenka Schelingová, a Holy Cross Sister who was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 2003. Archbishop Chaput paid tribute to Sister Zdenka, who served as a nurse, and other heroic Catholics who suffered under the Communists. He said: "We need to keep this beautiful mandate of Sister Zdenka close to our hearts." What is that mandate? The following--words which embody the meaning of living a Eucharistic life by making an offering of our day:

“My sacrifice, my holy Mass, begins in daily life. From the altar of the Lord I go to the altar of my work. I must be able to continue the sacrifice of the altar in every situation. … It is Christ whom we must proclaim through our lives, to him we offer the sacrifice of our own will.”