Hearts on Fire Young Adult Retreats

What Participants Are Saying:

“I can’t remember the last time... I spent a good hour in prayer. Having that time set aside was very much needed, and even more fruitful. Praying by means of Ignatian contemplation is definitely something I’ll continue to do.” Annie, Milwaukee

“Saint Ignatius and the Holy Spirit inspired you well. Each talk tugged at my heart. It was wonderful to ‘fall in love with Jesus’ all over again. Thank you!” Patty, Iowa City

“I’d be surprised if a single retreatant went home without at least one talk having set his or her heart on fire.” Tom, Chicago

“I liked the consolation/desolation talk. It helped explain some of the realities we experience and how to deal with them.” Ron, Philadelphia

"Awesome! The presenters all had something valuable to share and were so easy to relate to. They were working hard, but looked like they were having so much fun!" Kathy, Gaylord, MI

"The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola are exactly what I need in my life to help me overcome the many obstacles that attempt to distract me from Christ's ultimate love. Peace is possible every day." Marie, Gaylord, MI

" The Morning Offering is a simple dedication to start my day; I can do it while I brush my teeth or in the car." Amanda, Gaylord, MI

" The guide for confession was extremely helpful and made the sacrament less anxiety-provoking for someone who hadn't gone in awhile." Katie, Milwaukee

" I liked having the opportunity to take time to be away, quiet, prayerful, learning. It is a good refresher, an opportunity to refocus, and I feel like I'm leaving with some practical ideas and ways to augment my spiritual life on a daily basis." Bethany, Milwaukee

" This retreat is helping to rekindle my faith life!" Samantha, Milwaukee

Featuring members of the Jesuit Mission Band

Jesuit:  pertaining to the Society of Jesus, founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Mission:  as in a "parish mission," an event with presentations, prayer, social time, silence, and song - but here for a whole city

Band:  as in a group or team, e.g. "band of brothers," not as in a "rock band," but yes, there will be music too!

Upcoming Events:

Welcoming all young adults! 
(18-39, single or married)

If you'd enjoy an introduction to some practical ways of connecting your faith and your everyday life, come join us.  Whether you're new to prayer or are just looking for new ways to pray and live a more meaningful life, this event is for you!

Hearts on Fire retreat participants talk about their experiences.

An Event Offering:

  • A day and a half of spiritual renewal for young adults
  • Dynamic presentations from young Jesuit priests and scholastics (seminarians)
  • An introduction to the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and the spirituality of the Apostleship of Prayer
  • Insights on how the deepest desires of our hearts lead us to the Heart of Jesus Christ
  • Practical ways to connect faith and daily life