A Trip to the Movies with God 
A Nightly Examen for Children



Children's Offering Prayer to Jesus

For love of me you came to earth; 
You gave your life for me. 
So every day you give me now
I give back happily.

Take all my laughter, all my tears, 
Each thought, each word, each deed, 
And let them be my all-day prayer
To help all those in need. 

"VISIT THE IMPRISONED" in the Year of Mercy with your children!

The Apostleship of Prayer can help your family minister to people in prison. Please take a look at our reflection and activity linked here.

Your letters bring the love of Jesus to people in prison. Here are some responses from prisoners who received children's letters through the AoP: 

Praise the sweet Lord for the power of prayer and the blessing of a letter. A letter is like a visit inside prison. Therefore each of you have done what Jesus would/has done (Matthew 25:34-40). Thank you!
I have kept the 3 notes from unknown students (but who are well known to Jesus) as a reminder to pray for all of you, as I have my morning and evening prayers with the Apostleship of Prayer members. Until that glorious day when true Christians will meet together with Jesus our Christ and Savior, in Jesus’ arms I rest.

Using imagination in prayer

Giotto [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Giotto [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Click here for a PDF file on how to help students encounter Jesus in this moment: the Last Supper, in the Upper Room, when "the beloved disciple" rests his head against Jesus' chest.





Daily Offering Prayer with Fr. Phil Hurley, S.J. of the Apostleship of Prayer. Teach kids to offer their day to God!

Children's Morning Offering Prayer Song

Heavenly Father, I offer you this day

All that I do and think and say,

Uniting it with what was done

By Jesus Christ, your only Son.